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Missing Children and Adults - every person deserves to be located and returned to the family who loves them!

Each Day approximately 2300 people go missing in America. 
Approximately 800,000 in a year! No individual or family is immune to the possibility of experiencing this horror. 

The calls come in the middle of the night, a child has been abducted from their bedroom, a teenager did not return from school, a mother went out to the grocery store and never returned, a college student went on spring break with a group of friends and disappeared, an elderly person left home without telling anyone.....they go on and on and on.

No matter what the geographical location, age group or socioeconomic "status" a family may experience the disappearance of a loved one. When this occurs, families don't know where to turn for help after the 911 call is placed. 

Law Enforcement has their part and they have their hands full with the potentially developing case of the missing person. Family members need support of all types after someone they love goes missing. 

Global Child Rescue NC strives to fill in some of the gaps for the family. We provide search and rescue services, counseling referrals, after care programs, cold case studies and a myriad of other resources to families.

Adults Go Missing Too 

Adults go missing everyday....some by choice, some by accident, some by foul play. Unfortunately, cases of missing adults are not always taken seriously, after all, it's not illegal for an adult to leave home. Geez, if I had a dollar for every time I heard that statement. The other fallacy is that the family is required to wait 24 hours before reporting the missing person. Not so! Who knows the missing person better, the family or law enforcement? 

Families need assistance in navigating the system, establishing good working relationships with law enforcement and follow up systems. 

Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking

Every day children in America are recruited, abducted and sold into slavery by pimps and traffickers for the sole purpose of supplying victims to a seemingly never-ending stream of customers waiting to purchase them.

Every night children thought to be safe in their homes are forced to endure physical or emotional abuse and neglect from the trauma of domestic violence.

Every week children are lured or abducted on the Internet or off our city streets by predators.

Every year over TWO MILLION children are forced into illegal labor practices or the sex trade industry here and abroad.

These children are not only robbed of their childhood happiness but also their innocence, trust and even their lives.

Our communities need to turn their hearts back to the children. We need to become educated to their cause and reach out to those that are lost.

Ruby Slippers Volunteer Partnership  is a grassroots organization dedicated to stopping the predation, exploitation and trafficking of our children by mobilizing the church and the communities they serve to action.

RSVP is using this coalition of effort from churches, youth groups, individuals and organizations to develop innovative practices in the identification and investigation of both predator and victim; to create a network of sustanable aftercare resources for rescued victims and their families; and to amass a new breed of Shepherds willing to tend the flocks of vulnerable children.

RSVP focuses its mission on the critical areas of PREVENTION through education, RESPONSE through working with partners and service providers, RESCUE through providing referrals to qualified multi faceted treatment centers and RECOVERY through working to bring home missing loved ones.