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A beautiful five year old little girl was the catalyst for the creation of Global Child Rescue NC and Ruby Slippers Volunteer Partnership. 

It was a cool rainy November day when I heard the news that five year old Shaniya Davis had been kidnapped. My mind kept shifting between the beautiful picture of Shaniya which reminded me of our children and grand children and the photo of the “devil” holding her in his arms at a local motel. Those two photos, and the news stories that followed have changed the course of our lives. 

Rest in Peace Beautiful Shaniya Nicole Davis

Marc Klaas was on Nancy Grace talking about the brutal murder of baby Shaniya.  I have been familiar with Marc for many years because of his work for all these many years after the abduction and murder of his daughter Polly. After the program, I looked Marc up on the internet. I emailed him about the program and about our anger over this and the many other horrific crimes being committed against children in our country.  

Shortly after, I was contacted by Brad Dennis, Director of Search Operations with the KlaasKIDS Foundation. I expressed to Brad, our desire to fervently fight against those who would harm our children. In mid December we met Brad in person and there began the journey. By the end of the year, I had resigned my job as Managing Broker of one of North Carolina’s premier real estate firms, moved my office home, re-structured my business plan and started working on a plan to advocate for children and missing adults.

Brad invited Doug and me to join their team in a Miami Outreach in advance of the Super Bowl. I never considered myself naïve but we witnessed the ugliness of Human Trafficking up close and personal. Clearly, I had been living with my head in the sand. I never imagined that sex trafficking of under aged children occurred here in our homeland. Yes, I had seen the movie “Taken” but that was in France. 

In the days to follow, I wrestled with God and his apparent insistence that I become involved in this. I am not equipped, I am unsure of myself, I am fearful of what could happen, I’m not as young as I use to be. He was having none of my excuses, I wrestled with Him for weeks and finally said to God, okay if you want me to do this, you have show me the how. Previous life experiences have shown me that when we get out of our own way, God will equip us and use us for His purpose.

We have immersed ourselves into study, training and collaboration with others to make a difference. We have traveled to numerous places and assisted scores of victim families and like-minded organizations who are committed to the fight against Human Trafficking, and crimes against children and adults.

Nearly three and a half years after Shaniya was murdered, the evilness of the devil has been revealed. Seven weeks of agonizing jury selection, testimony and careful deliberation, the abductor, rapist and murderer of Shaniya Nicole Davis has been brought to justice.

October 2013 - After years of denial of any part in the death of Shaniya, mother Antoinette Davis made a plea deal. She stated that she handed her daughter over to her murderer in exchange for a $200 debt. She exclaimed that it was only supposed to be for sex. Judge Jim Ammons was firm and clear in his comments, "You are not a good mother, you could have saved your daughter's life and you did not!" In exchange for her plea deal, she is subject to serve 27 years in prison.

More than six years after Shaniya was taken, RSVP continues to work with issues affecting children. We have continued to provide educational programs pertaining to child protection and predation. We continue to work with families of the missing to provided services assisting them in navigating the path of surviving their loss. We continue to work with trafficking victims, providing rescue and restoration services. 

In 2016 we will work more closely with individuals who want to volunteer to assist children by providing resources to match volunteers either to RSVP or to other organizations that need assistance.