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Volunteerism in America
North Carolina - Volunteer Guardian Ad Litem​

​Could you be the voice for a child? Stand up today to say, "I am for the child."  

More than 1,700 abused and neglected children in North Carolina go to court without someone to advocate just for them. 

•Could you be a child's advocate in court? 

•Could you speak up for their best interests? 

•Could you work side by side with an attorney? 

•Could you join 4,800 other volunteers in the state to say "I am for the child"? 

If so, becoming a Guardian ad Litem advocate could be a great opportunity for you! The link is for the North Carolina Guardian Ad Litem. If you are from another state, google guardian ad litem for your state to locate more information.

Recently I was having a conversation with a friend who remarked, "People your age keep the country running by volunteering". Well, I hadn't really thought much about it in that way, so I started doing some research on volunteering. 
In 2014 the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 62.8 million people volunteered through or for an organization between September 2013 and September 2014. To learn read more of the stats visit

For decades the founders of RSVP have volunteered focusing on issues relating to children. We served in our local church working with children and youth, facilitated twelve years of out of the area mission teams/trips and worked locally to help improve the housing of those in need. 

RSVP has existed to assist within our community and across the country. We have worked with other organizations in search and rescue of missing persons, provided educational opportunities for families of children, managed cases for families of the missing and have become deeply involved in anti-human trafficking effecting rescues and restoration for victims. 

In 2016 we will be more proactive in soliciting volunteers to assist in multiple areas of need relating to children. Our goal is to continue to serve families but to also encourage and motivate others to volunteer either with us or with other organizations. 

Periodically, we will update the volunteer opportunities listed below in hopes that you will become part of the solution.