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We Have to Care......
We have to save our children by providing education to the parents, extended family members and the children. 

First and foremost parents must provide a safe and loving home for the child. We have to not only talk the talk, but walk the walk. Too often children in our society are exposed to harmful elements within the home. We have to be strong and courageous as parents and credible advocates to protect them.

  • We have to consistently deliver the message of self worth to them. 

  • We have to believe them when they tell us either verbally or by their actions that something is amiss. 

  • We have to seek outside assistance. As parents, we are not equipped to handle everything in the world. Ask for help!

As Community Members... 
WE HAVE TO CARE… Here are some of the things WE can do TOGETHER!

1. Get educated and raise awareness!
Work within your community to provide education about protecting children and asking for assistance in reaching out to the broader community. Learn about the factors that foster vulnerability to abuse. 

2. Get involved!
There are many immediate ways for individuals to receive educational information that will begin to prepare them for getting involved in and continuing the fight on behalf of children. We would like to visit with your community group or congregation to discuss how they may get involved.

3. Organize and take action!
Organizing teams of volunteers to provide outreach within the community. There are genuine needs that anyone can help with. Partner with other community organizations to strengthen resources and coordinate rescue and victim assistance.

Help to create systems for working with other organizations already involved in the fight against Human Trafficking.  Create a follow up system between community organizations and Ruby Slippers Volunteer Partnership to encourage continuing to protect children. Help create an ongoing feedback system to partner organizations for continual learning, guidance, and accountability.

Fran Funderburg, Executive Director of Global Child Rescue NC and a sexual abuse survivor - “Child abuse in any form is not only a crime but is a human rights issue. It changes who you are and more importantly, who you were meant to be. Abuse negates the God given freedom of victims to make their own decisions and live enriched lives. This scourge on society is out of control, out pacing any other human rights issue of our lifetime. For the perpetrators, it is all about control. For the victims, it is all about life and survival. It is all too often not recognized or ignored and every person has a responsibility to fight crimes against those who cannot protect themselves. We will continue to fight against abuse WE HAVE TO CARE…..”