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What to Do 


Usually, one of the first reactions of a parent of a missing child is to find the child themselves. Remember it is crucial for you to remain calm and lucid in order to coordinate the search and cooperation necessary to bring your child home.

It is impossible to discuss on our web page, the multitude of activities necessary for finding your child. Instead, we have selected what we deem to be the most critical in the beginning stages. The main thing is to think before you act. Rely on those closest to you and the professionals to assist you.  

Call 911. Do not delay in making contact with law enforcement. It is NOT necessary to wait 72 hours to file a report. Every minute that your child is missing allows a predator to put more distance between you and your child. Call KlaasKIDS Foundation - Brad Dennis (850)525-4807 and Ruby Slippers Volunteer Partnership - Fran Funderburg (919) 427-2047.

Meet with law enforcement and provide as much information as possible about your child, including photos. Insist that your child be listed in the NCIC (National Crime Information Center). Request designation of one person in the agency who will be your primary contact. Cooperate fully with Law Enforcement.

Restrict access to your home until you have met with LE officials. Preserving evidence/information will be vital to their investigation.

Designate a person from your most trusted circle of friends or family as the Coordinator. This person does not assume your role as a parent, They do, however, provide assistance to you in the way of moral and spiritual support. Additionally, they organize and assign responsibilities as needed.

Contact friends, family members, school and ask if they have heard from your child. Keep a phone log of all calls made and received. Leave the answering machine on when you are away from the phone. If you have caller ID, note any unusual numbers. Other options may be the use of *69 to secure the last number that called you. 

Check phone bills for any numbers you don't recognize. 

Check with the police and phone company about a trap and trace device on your phone system.

Check credit card and ATM activity.

Check the house to see if anything is missing, i.e. money, clothes, weapons.

Check area hospitals, clinics, morgues, jails, and Child Protection services.

Check your child's computer activity at home and other places, i.e. library.

Compile descriptive information for the first responders and local flier distribution. Include a recent head shot photo, description of the clothing worn at the time of disappearance, date of birth, hair and eye color, height, weight, distinguishing features and complexion, identifiers such as eyeglasses or contact lenses, braces on the teeth, piercings and specific markers such as scars, marks and tattoos. 

​Prepare fliers using this information and distribute in surrounding areas to homes businesses in the community. Do not place your address on the flier, but the contact number(s) for tips. 
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